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January 18, 2013

Hockey's Most Electrifying Player?

I have seen Mario Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky and Pavel Bure, but the most electrifying player I've ever watched play hockey has to be Denis Savard:

Savard was one of the quickest players in the league, with tremendous one step acceleration. He was so fun to watch as he'd dart in and out of danger, rapidly change directions, and even perfect the "Savardian Spin-a-rama" in which he'd do a full 360 degree turn while carrying the puck to protect it from checkers. His great skating was complimented nicely by his incredibly soft hands. He could stickhandle through an entire team and was an excellent playmaker. He was also a very good shooter, particularly with his laser-like wrist shot. He was also known for taking bad angle shots. He was a puny player in terms of size but he had a solid center of gravity that made him tough to knock off the puck if you were lucky enough to catch him.

Savard would put all of those qualities together and leave defensemen dizzy and fans amazed!

"Denis is one of those players who is not only a great hockey player but a player with charisma," explained Bob Pulford, the long time general manager of the Chicago Blackhawks. "He's got that quality that keeps people coming out see him play."

Here's more on Denis Savard


Anonymous said...

Seriously.....what about Bobby Orr???????

Joe Pelletier said...

Bobby Orr is like Bobby Hull and Rocket Richard and Howie Morenz and Cyclone Taylor. Hockey's most electrifying players that I never had a chance to see.

Anonymous said...

Savard was a great talent, but "most electrifying player"? Got to be Mike Bossy and his goal in Game Three of the 1982 Finals is unmatchable.

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