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January 19, 2013

George Hainsworth: 22 Shutouts in 44 Games

With a 48 game season on deck for the 2013 NHL season, there has been some joking about a goaltender Martin Brodeur or Miikka Kiprusoff played all 48 games for their respective teams. It is unlikely to happen give the 48 games are to be played in 99 days, but it could be interesting to see how many games such workhorse goaltenders get into.

What is even more unlikely is any goaltender having a record anywhere close to George Hainsworth in 1928-29. That year the Montreal Canadiens goaltender played every minute of the 44 game season. Amazingly he had 22 shutouts that season setting a NHL record that will never be beaten even in the 82 game schedule of the modern era.

What is even more amazing than the 22 shutouts in a single season? Hainsworth only won 16 of those 22 games. That's right - six of those shutouts came in 0-0 ties!

The Hall of Fame goaltender posted a puny 0.92 goals against average that season. Even with that and the record 22 shutouts, the Habs only won 22 of their 44 games that season. They were 22-7-15 that year, good enough for 1st place in the Canadian division that season. The Habs would lose to Boston in the semi-finals of the Stanley Cup playoffs that year.

Hainsworth, Montreal's team captain, was named as the Vezina trophy that year. It was his third consecutive such award. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1961.

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