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November 15, 2012

Terrible News Involving Stan Jonathan

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Needless to say everyone was shocked with the news that broke yesterday about Jonathan facing criminal charges for negligence causing death in a terrible hunting accident.

From The Toronto Sun:

Former NHLer Stan Jonathan has been charged with criminal negligence causing death after a 29-year-old Hamilton man was killed while hunting on the Six Nations Reserve Sunday morning.

Police said Peter Kosid, who was bow-hunting with permission on an acquaintance's land, was shot in the back by a bullet fired from about 375 metres away. Jonathan was hunting deer and was not with, or known to, Kosid, a father and avid outdoorsman.

Here's the full story.

1 comment:

Justin V said...

I think the news is a bit worse for the young family that Peter leaves behind. Donations and messages for the family can be left at www.pjkosid.com

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