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November 18, 2012

Sunday Funnies: Hull Of A Quote

These two gapped tooth hockey players just happen to be brothers Bobby Hull and Dennis Hull.

Hockey players don't worry about teeth. But hair, hair is very important. Just ask the funnyman Dennis:

"My brother Bobby and I played in the NHL, and just have one set of hair. Bobby has it today. It's not even one of his wedding days, either."

Dennis Hull is a great quote. Here's a look at few more of my favorites.

"If you make it to the NHL, most players are able to say hat they are the best hockey player in their family. But I wasn't even the second best in my family!" Dennis said when nephew Brett was in his prime.

So Dennis started calling himself "The Third Best Hull," but was always quick to point out he would have been the 4th but they wouldn't let his sister Maxine play!

"Every game I played against Henri Richard, he'd come up to behind me at some point and say, 'My brother's better than your brother.' " Like Hull, Henri was a fine player overshadowed by his brother, Maurice.

"My brother and I scored more than anyone in hockey history" joked Dennis about their womanizing ways in a less than politically correct era.

Like his brother Bobby, Dennis was known for his hard slap shot. He compared the two shots once - "Someone once said that Bobby could hit a puck through a car wash and not get it wet and that I could hit it just as hard, but not hit the car wash. That was the difference."

Someone asked him if he wished he played in today's era - "I would sure like to be there now on the 15th and 30th, when they get paid."

Along the same lines he told this story a few time. "Brett asked me: "Uncle Dennis, what would you have done if you had made $5 million a year?' And I said, 'I would have quit by Christmas.'"

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