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November 21, 2012

Slammin' Sami: Sami Kapanen

Big Georges Laraque forgot to remind Sami Kapanen to smile for this great photo. I guess Kapanen shouldn't be too pleased, as he is about to kiss the glass thanks to a man who is twice as big he is.

I always enjoyed Sami Kapanen, the speedy little Finnish waterbug of a hockey player. He was constantly in motion. He didn't just keep his feet moving, he kept them motoring. He was one of the fastest players I've seen, and just a fantastic competitor.

His skating skills were deeper than just speed. He had an excellent acceleration, and he knew how to change gears on a defenseman. He had good agility and balance on his feet, with a low center of gravity that he learned to maximize to make him hard to knock off the puck. He was good at reading the play develop and knew when to dart in and out of traffic.

Here's the full Sami Kapanen biography.

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