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November 23, 2012

Montreal Canadiens of Football?

This is Anthony Calvillo, the much beloved quarterback of the Montreal Alouettes. He is one of the rare non-hockey athletes to become epically revered in the city of Montreal.

The Alouettes have their fare share of success in recent years. But that has not always been the case.

Take the late 1950s`for example. Dink Carroll of the Montreal Gazette actually suggested that "the Montreal Alouettes might have skipped to the Grey Cup if they'd had a backfield composed of some of the faster Montreal Canadiens. Put Rocket Richard at fullback, Dickie Moore and Doug Harvey at the halves, Jean Beliveau and Boom-Boom Geoffrion at ends and the Pocket-Rocket (Henri Richard) at flying wing - and they'd have taken 'em all on."

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