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October 03, 2012

Watson Brothers Proud of Home Town

Living just down the road from the truly beautiful town of Smithers, British Columbia, I had to laugh as I read this 1977 article by Bill Fleischman in The Hockey News about two NHL stars from Smithers.

The mail drop from Smithers, B.C., had just arrived and Joe Watson was chuckling over a front-page story about a mayoral candidate.

Those who glanced over Watson's shoulder chuckled even louder when they read that Arctic Frank Rizzo was sampling voter response daily on Main Street.

Since they arrived in Philadelphia, the Smithers Brothers have endured continual torment about their home town. Joe and Jimmy Watson insist it's paradise. City Slickers who have never seen Smithers argue that it's just a quaint village 700 miles north of Vancouver and down the road from the North Pole.

Joe, 34, still visits Smithers during the summers, but he has a home near Philadelphia. Jimmy, 25, spends all summer back home, playing baseball, fishing and generally relaxing.

Ah, but it was bound to happen. After years of living in apartments in South jersey and suburban Philadelphia, Jimmy has purchased his first home. The younger Watson's estate isn't far from Media, Pa., where brother Joe, wife Marianne and son Ryan live. 

"Somebody told me I've lived in 100 places since I came here, including a van," said the smiling bachelor. "Now I'll have roots."

Smithers, which is also the home of NHLers Ron Flockhart, Alan Kerr, Michael Wall and Dan Hamhuis, truly is a beautiful place to visit.

1 comment:

Captain Canuck said...

as somone who was born and raised there, and lived next to Mr and Mrs Watson (Jim, Joe, and Jerry's mom and dad) on Lake Kathlyn Rd... I agree about it's beauty.

Truly a great place to visit.

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