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September 14, 2012

NHL Lockout Challenge

Mark my words. Greatest Hockey Legends.com will be a lockout free zone.

You will not find any news or commentary on such business related topics here. You can get that endlessly elsewhere. Instead, every day we will continue to do what we do best here - sharing memories and stories of hockey history and players from the past. It should be a refreshing break from today's unfortunate hockey headlines.

But I do have a challenge for you. I challenge you to remember that just because the National Hockey League owners are going to lockout the NHL players, hockey is still very much alive. In no way does a NHL lockout mean "hockey" is locked out.

"Hockey" is not the NHL. It is so much bigger than the NHL. And while the NHL work stoppage is in effect, I challenge you to rediscover that. Maybe you can take in a junior game or college game or minor pro game. Get out to your local rink and watch your local senior team or take in a midget or peewee tournament. Better yet, lace up your old skates and get out on the ice yourself. Or at the very least spend some time playing street hockey with the kids in your driveway. 

Hockey is not locked out. Get down to your local rink and enjoy the game in ways the NHL or NHL players can never provide. Screw the NHL, but love hockey. You just might find an even deeper love for the greatest game on Earth. 


Dan said...

well said

Quisp said...

Yes! Yes!

Yesterday I said:

"Is This the End of the World?

No, it’s a gift. It’s hundreds of hours freed up to do other things. And if you want hockey, there’s plenty to go around. The Kings have an excellent AHL team in Manchester, and I’m going to be buying the AHL’s (absurdly expensive but what can I do) streaming package. There are ECHL teams. There’s college hockey. There’s OHL, WHL, QMJHL hockey. And, maybe best of all, there’s local hockey. Youth hockey. Adopt your local team. Find a good program. Become the fan of a Midget AAA team or whatever. (Try a Mite or Squirt team; there are like 100 breakaways a game.) If you think the hockey is less exciting than NHL, I think you will be surprised. Plus, it’s free."

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