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November 13, 2012

Hockey Hall of Fame Class of 2013?

It is never too early to start debating the Hockey Hall of Fame's Class of 2013.

Chris Chelios, Scott Niedermayer, Rob Blake, Rod Brind'Amour, Keith Tkachuk, Paul Kariya and Owen Nolan headline the list of first year eligible candidates.

Brendan Shanahan and Eric Lindros headlining the list of carry-overs, with Dave Andreychuk, Jeremy Roenick, Theoren Fleury, Markus Naslund, Curtis Joseph, Tom Barrasso, Phil Housley, Mike Vernon, John LeClair, Sergei Makarov and Guy Carbonneau also waiting.


Anonymous said...

My vote is for Chelios, Niedermayer, Shanahan, and Lindros

Anonymous said...

Why is Vernon not in the Hall of Fame yet?

G Botsis said...

Chelios, Niedermayer, Shanahan, Lindros... Kariya would be there if not for injury, the victim of many unpunished head shots that would all be suspensions in todays game.

Anonymous said...

My dream ballot would be Chelios, Niedermayer, Shanahan, and Naslund.

My gut feeling says Chelios, Niedermayer, and probably Fred Shero.

Anonymous said...

Niedermayer, Chelios, Shanahan, and Andreychuk is what I'm thinking. I'm still so surprised Pat Burns and Fred Shero aren't in there yet

Anonymous said...

I just hope that Pat Burns is on the ballot

Uzair said...

Vernon won cups but he was a bit inconsistent imo and never really stood that far out as a goalie though very few in that era did (makes Roy even more remarkable).

Anyways, this is starting to get ridiculous, increase the number of players to get in because it's becoming more and more clearer that today's 20-30 team game has more stars and a bigger talent pool compared to the 80s or before. My vote goes to all of Chelios, Niedermayer, Shanahan, Lindros, Kariya, Fleury, Blake, Tkachuk, Roenick, Naslund, Housley, Leclair, and Makarov should be in there and it saddens me that a few of those guys might never be despite being elite players and also "famous" for a fairly long stretch of time (Makarov maybe was not a household name but different circumstance). Dave Andrechyuk is the only one I'm iffy on because he was never a true star player despite freakish career longetivity but the other guys are more deserving than some players already in the HOF. We have to acknowledge that times are different now and not make it a strict 4 player max because there are simply more star players nowadays.

Unknown said...

You can't argue with some of these picks, especially Chelios and Niedermayer..I think Rob Blake is a shoo-in. Phil Housley should be. Shanahan is a logical choice. For sheer tenacity and grit, guys like Carbonneau and Fleury are great choices. Cujo has such a long resume, he's tough to ignore. Jeremy Roenick is a great ambassador of the game, and nas helped it grow in the US. Lindros was a dominant star. Leclair a workhorse. Andreychuk gave a lot to the game. Yes, the thing that continues to define the HHOF choices are the numbers of guys not picked...case in point: ROGIE VACHON.

Anonymous said...


Makarov was a beast in thr Soviet league as well as nternationally, on the same level as Gretzky...he should definitely be in there.

Anonymous said...

More people should be giving Fleury his due. All you need to do is look at his numbers, and he was as pivotal as anyone in the Flames run to their cup win. His offense was under the radar because was a gritty player somewhat like Brad Marchand. (yes I am from Boston)

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