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May 07, 2012

Clear The Track: Eddie Shack

That's Eddie Shack hitching a ride on the back (quite literally) of Gary Ehman.

Shack was best known as the rambunctious and hard hitting forward of the 1960s Toronto Maple Leafs dynasty teams.

Here's how goaltender Johnny Bower remembered Eddie Shack's contributions to the Leafs:

"Eddie was a big factor on those Leaf teams of the 1960s, much bigger than most people imagined. If you think about the six team league, Punch Imlach sent Eddie out there to make sure the other club played honest. Look at those Montreal teams. John Ferguson always cause a lot of trouble, crashing the goal crease and harassing me, so Punch put Eddie on and things settle down.  

"Take a look down our bench. There weren't too many who could handle that job, who could go out on the ice and do what Eddie did, because they just weren't cut out for it. He was big, as strong as an ox, and perfect for his role on those great Leafs teams. He was a leader, too, and not many people know that about Shackie. Sure he was a happy go lucky guy, but an absolute competitor."

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