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April 08, 2012

Hockey His Story: Chris Kontos

Chris Kontos was a well travelled 12-year pro hockey player. He spent parts of eight seasons in the NHL, parts of five seasons in Europe and two stints with the Canadian National Team.

But he will always be remembered for the spring of 1989. Kontos made a name for himself during the 1989 post-season. After playing the majority of the year with EHC Kloten in Switzerland after a contract dispute, Chris re-joined Los Angeles and put on a goal-scoring clinic in the ’89 playoffs as he notched nine goals - 6 on the power play - in 11 post-season games as Wayne Gretzky's favorite target! He basically came out of nowhere to become the talk of the entire National Hockey League!

Kontos remembers his playoff run.

"Once you get into a mode when you score, you just know you are going to get out there and score," Kontos said. "The net looks like a soccer goal and everything slows down and it such a nice feeling. But it is so tough to keep that feeling all the time."

"I cherish the fact that I was in the limelight for quite a while and I was being recognized for something that was positive and was good and no matter what, nobody will ever be able to take it away from me and a lot of people remember it. I am always thankful of that. It was a time to shine and it was fortunate I did what I did."

Chris Kontos: His Story

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