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March 20, 2012

The Greatest Hockey Players of the 1970s

Johnny Bucyk - "The Chief" saw good times and bad in the three different decades he wore the spoked-B of the Boston Bruins.
Gerry Cheevers - Known for his famous mask, Gerry Cheevers is one of the most exciting goaltenders in memory.
Bobby Clarke - Depending on who you ask, Bobby Clarke is one of hockey's greatest players or one of hockey's greatest villains. The truth is he was both.
Marcel Dionne - Marcel Dionne was the shining jewel of the famed Triple Crown Line. He remains the highest scoring French Canadian player of all time.
Ken Dryden - One of hockey's most interesting people, Ken Dryden was Montreal's dominant goal keeper through 6 Stanley Cup championships in the 1970s.   
Paul Henderson - A solid though ordinary player, Paul Henderson became forever a hockey immortal thanks to his 1972 Summit Series heroics
Bobby Hull - The Golden Jet might be better known now as Brett's dad, but this Chicago and Winnipeg legend is one of the most important players in hockey history
Guy Lafleur - For six years in the 1970s Guy Lafleur redefined the words amazing and fantastique when used to describe a hockey player.
Bobby Orr - "The perfect hockey player." Bobby Orr revolutionized the game so that players like Gretzky and Lemieux could raise the bar even higher.
Denis Potvin - Perhaps one of the top 5 defensemen in the history of the game, Denis Potvin captained the New York Islanders dynasty while rewriting Bobby Orr's records. 
Vladislav Tretiak - Vladislav Tretiak has one of the greatest legacies of any hockey player ever.

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