January 16, 2016

Jim Craig: Acting Up

Here's a photo of Jim Craig shaking Vladislav Tretiak's hand after Team USA pulled off the Miracle On Ice at the 1980 Olympic games in Lake Placid.

Here's something I did not know, and, unfortunately, has escaped the grasp of YouTube. Jim Craig had several acting opportunities. He made guest appearances on Laverne and Shirley, Love Boat, and made commercials for Old Spice and Coca Cola. The Coca Cola spot also featured Craig's father Ron. Craig called that the highlight of his acting career.

Craig was apparently lined up for more Hollywood appearances, including guest spots on Mork and Mindy and Fantasy Island. However a 3 month long actor's strike hit in 1980. By the time the labor dispute ended and filming began, Craig was unavailable due to the hockey season.

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Anonymous said...

Actually that picture is from the exhibition game at Madison Square Garden before the Olympics, as you can see by the jerseys displaying USA diagonally.