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January 11, 2012

Dave Christian: American Beauty

Hockey was a way of life for Dave Christian

Dave Christian was born into the first family of hockey in tiny Warroad, Minnesota. The town of 1700 residents proclaimed themselves as Hockeytown, USA for years before Detroit stole it.

The heroes of Hockeytown were no doubt the Christians. Uncle Gordon started the Olympic pedigree, earning a silver medal with Team USA in 1956. Dave's father Bill and uncle Roger both played for the 1960 Olympic gold medal winning Team USA, with Bill scoring the winning goal. The two went on to compete in the 1964 Olympics as well, before forming, along with brother-in-law Hal Bakke, Christian Brothers hockey stick company in Warroad.

No doubt most of the kids growing up in the area would use Christian sticks, including Bill's own two sons Eddie and Dave. Eddie made it all to way to the minor leagues.

But it was Dave Christian who would go on to the greatest degree of success. He was a blessed skater, armed with good puck skills and a mind for the game. He effortlessly played both defense and forward. He was a natural athlete, also starring in football, baseball and track in his youth.

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