November 23, 2011

Win A Trip To The All Star Game!

There's just a few weeks left in Scotiabank's High Five Your Way To The All Star Game contest. First prize is a trip for 4 Canadian residents to attend the 2012 NHL All-Star Game in Ottawa including flight, hotel and $500 spending money. There are also 12 Secondary Prizes each consisting of 4 tickets to see an NHL team of your choice.

How do you enter? Simply go to their Facebook page and pick your favorite hockey team. Every time your team scores, simply "High Five" within 10 minutes of the goal. Each "High Five" is an entry into the this amazing contest.

To help promote the event, Scotiabank has given me three prize packs to give away. These prize packs (consisting of a hockey jersey, bag, toque, water bottle and a hockey puck) have always been popular prizes when I have given them away before. (Please note: the prizes may not be exactly as shown in the picture to the right)

So how do you win the prize packs? Tell me your favorite All Star Game memory. Simply leave your memory along with your name and email address in the comments section to his post. I will randomly select three lucky winners!

My favorite All Star game memory? Gotta be the night Gretzky scored four goals in the third period of the 1983 All Star Game. Or how about Owen Nolan calling his shot? Maybe Alex Ovechkin donning the funny hat and glasses? Maybe you've actually attended an All Star Game in person?

So be sure to enter Scotiabank's High Five Your Way To The All Star Game contest as well as this Scotiabank Prize Pack give away.


Dan said...

Owen Nolan's called shot for sure. Also, Evgeni Nabokov robbing Ilya Kovalchuk blind twice in the first period.

mike said...

The 2009 game and weekend in Montreal was the most fun I've ever had at a hockey event but I was wearing a journo tag so it probably doesn't count for the purposes of this competition.

In 1993, when I was still allowed to be a partisan, the Stanley Cup celebrated its centennial and the All-Star Game was in Montreal.

Wandering towards my train one mid-afternoon in an abandoned Windsor Station, I noticed some big glass showcases and decided to take a closer look since there was still a half hour to train time.

Turns out it was a travelling HHoF exhibit. Sitting all by his lonesome at a table was a dumpy little older fellow who played a bit of hockey in his younger days.

Got my picture taken with the Stanley Cup for a five dollar donation to amateur hockey and chatted for a while with Gump Worsley.

A couple years later when my son was about four years old I showed him the photo of me and the silverware.

His eyes got real wide and he exclaimed, in wonder (although it may have been sheer surprise) "You won the Stanley Cup?"

I rarely amaze my son these days but he'd look goood in the swag.

Mark said...

Without a doubt it was Mark Messier going four for four at the 1996 All Star Skills Competition in Boston. It was the second time he did it. The first time was in 1991.

hockey kazi said...

Has to be the 2000 AllStar game in Toronto--I was a volunteer at the NHL FanFest held in conjunction with the game---met a lot of people and had a great time--one of my best hockey memories ever

Jerry said...

The American anthem in Chicago when the original Gulf War broke out.

Bert said...

Wayne Gretzky putting on a show at the All Star game in Edmonton just months after being traded.

Lauren said...

Mario's 6 points in 1988

Baked said...

Being a Leaf fan , it had to be Damphousse's unexpected 4 goal game.

Baked said...

Being a Leaf fan, it had to be Vinny Damphousse's unexpected 4 goal game

Joe Pelletier said...

Don't forget to leave your email folks. you can't win if I can't contact you!

Anonymous said...

Least favourite? As a Vancouver Canucks fan, Gretzky scoring 4 goals in 1983.

Favourites? How about 1975's game? It truly was an All-Star game when I was a kid - Dryden, Orr, Esposito, Clarke, Sittler, Lafleur, Dionne, Mikita, Martin, etc.

Of course, there was also 1971 - when a Canuck first played. Look at that team - Orr, Espo, Howe, Bucyk, Cournoyer, Park, Perreault, Ratelle, Mahovlichs and others vs. Hulls, Tony O, Clarke, Mikita, Stapleton, White. A good gathering of players that made up Team Canada '72.

Morey Holzman said...

I'm not Canadian enough to qualify, but there was nothing like the ovation at the Joe when Gordie Howe skated out for the Wales Conference in 1980. Here was a 50-year-old man playing against a 19-year-old kid named Gretzky in his first NHL all-star game. It was even better than that because I went with my father, who grew up with Gordie as his idol. So when Gordie goes into the corner and gets a loose puck, throws a behind-the-back pass to Real Cloutier in front of the net for an easy goal, I thought we were going to have a riot when the press ignored our MVP chants.