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October 30, 2011

Quebec City to Honour Hockey Past

Their new arena has not even be built yet, but Quebec City is making big plans to honour it's hockey past.

Plans are not finalized, but according to TVA Sports, "the contribution of Jean Beliveau will certainly be emphasized." Beliveau, of course, played junior and senior hockey in Quebec. He starred with the Citadelles and the Aces before joining the Montreal Canadiens in 1953.

Joe Malone will be honoured with a statue. Malone, an early scoring superstar, led the Quebec Bulldogs to Stanley Cup championships in 1912 and 1913.

No other names have been confirmed. One would suspect Guy Lafleur and Peter Stastny would be included for sure.

By the way - the photo above is a small part of a famous three-story mural in Place Royal in Quebec City's Basse-Ville (lower town).

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