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October 29, 2011

Pucks On The 'Net

GreatestHockeyLegends.com presents Pucks on the 'Net, an e-book by Joe Pelletier. Foreword by Kirstie McLellan Day

This is Joe Pelletier's third book release. He has previously released The World Cup of Hockey (co-authored with Patrick Houda) and The Legends of Team Canada. This is his first e-book release.

Kirstie McLellan Day is Canada's best selling hockey author. She has released Theo Fleury's autobiography Playing With Fire, and Bob Probert's autobiography Tough Guy. In 2011 she is releasing Ron MacLean's autobiography, Cornered.

About The Book

Hockey History Blogger Joe Pelletier shares his favorite stories from the history of hockey. Weird, wacky, inspiring, amazing, and funny stories in this book inspired by his website. GreatestHockeyLegends.com presents Pucks On The 'Net.

For the first time ever Pelletier shares his 1972 Summit Series confession; talks about his love for hockey and hockey books, remembers his encounter with legendary author Jack Falla, and shares his own most unusual story of hockey's most famous injury: losing his front teeth.

Pelletier also shares some of the weird and unusual and even inspiring stories from the world of hockey history, be it in the National Hockey League, the world of International hockey, or in his own life.

Joe Pelletier is the author of two internationally published hockey books: The World Cup of Hockey (2 editions) and Legends of Team Canada.

Pelletier has also contributed articles to The Hockey News, Hockey Digest, Sports Illustrated.com, the Henderson Jersey Tour, Canadian Hockey Magazine and Total Hockey. He has worked on various projects for Hockey Canada, USA Hockey, the Buffalo Sabres, TSN.ca, CBC, CTV NewsNet and the National Post.

Pelletier created and operates three highly acclaimed websites: Greatest Hockey Legends.com, 1972 Summit Series.com and Hockey Book Reviews.com. He has also contributed to writing or research to several books.

You can buy the book for just $3.99:

Smashwords (including .pdf file for any computer) 
and of course Apple iTunes for iPad/iPod/iPhone

Thanks again until next time when put more pucks on the 'net.

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