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October 08, 2011

Peter Forsberg: Ultimate Warrior

Colorado will retire Peter Forsberg's #21 tonight as the Avalanche open their season against the Detroit Red Wings.

When mostly healthy he became a regular 90+ point guy, but health was not a friend to Mr. Forsberg. Few players paid the physical price that Forsberg has. His thick doctor's file includes a ruptured spleen, serious groin and abdomen pulls, a bad shoulder, and nagging ankle surgeries that over time made it basically impossible for him to skate.

Despite playing in pain for most of a decade Forsberg never backed down as hockey's ultimate warrior. Though his body took a nightly beating, Forsberg played a fearless, power game in the relentless era of clutching and grabbing. As Andrew Podnieks wrote in The Hockey News book "The Top 60 Since 1967," "Forsberg is a man of the highest skills and standards, a player whose body could be bruised, but never his heart."

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