September 25, 2011

A Very Young Mario Lemieux

I'm not quite sure what year this is from. It is a very young Mario Lemieux still playing for the Laval Voisins:

In his last year of junior hockey, Mario set records that are unlikely to ever be beaten. In 70 games he scored 133 goals, 149 assists for 282 points!

Even more impressive, Mario accomplished all of that with not a lot of elite help. His maining running mates were Jaques Goyette and Alain Bisson (both of whom barely played hockey at all beyond that season), Francois Sills (who played 1 year in the AHL before moving to Germany) Michel Mongeau (54 NHL games played) and Yves Courteau (22 NHL games played).

Only three Laval players went on to NHL careers - defensive defensemen Steven Finn and Bobby Dollas, and a Voisins rookie that year named Vincent Damphousse.

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Tyler said...

Those are ridiculous numbers.
I also love Lemieux's Cooper XL7 Helmet! Those were light, but offered little more protection than Gretzky's Jofa.