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September 05, 2011

Pucks On The 'Net: The eBook

Coming in October 2011: GreatestHockeyLegends.com presents Pucks on the 'Net, an e-book by Joe Pelletier. Foreword by Kirstie McLellan Day

This is Joe Pelletier's third book release. He has previously released The World Cup of Hockey (co-authored with Patrick Houda) and The Legends of Team Canada. This is his first e-book release.

Kirstie McLellan Day is Canada's best selling hockey author. She has released Theo Fleury's autobiography Playing With Fire, and Bob Probert's autobiography Tough Guy. In 2011 she is releasing Ron MacLean's autobiography, Cornered.

Praise for Pucks On The 'Net:

Amongst hockey historians Joe Pelletier takes a back seat to no one. His unparalleled ability to unearth a bountiful of great stories has helped illuminate the continuing story of our country's national obsession - the great sport of hockey. Speaking for his countless followers, I can testify that this book is not only as entertaining as it is informative, but is also as enlightening as it educational. In other words, it is the best of the best of Joe Pelletier - researcher, historian, writer and one of the most unique voices in the world of hockey literature.

Todd Denault – author of Jacques Plante: The Man Who Changed The Face of Hockey and The Greatest Game

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