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June 26, 2011

Hockey Hall of Fame Log Jam

The other day we looked at the first year eligible players for consideration in the Hockey Hall of Fame. We also looked at the top female candidates.

In doing so we mentioned the long back-list of candidates that may finally find openings in 2011. Those players include Eric Lindros, Joe Nieuwendyk, John Leclair, Peter Bondra, Pierre Turgeon, and Sean Burke from 2010.  Hold over candidates from the past several years include Theo FleuryDoug Gilmour, Adam Oates, Sergei Makarov, Guy Carbonneau, Pavel Bure, Tom Barrasso, Pat Verbeek, Mike Richter, Alexander Mogilny, Dave Andreychuk and Phil Housley. 

Who is worthy of Hall enshrinement is a different question than who is going to make the grade in 2011. The problem is there is a lot of talent there, including 6 or 7 I would say are worthy.  So why not just pick 4 and break the log jam? The problem is the voting system will split the votes, making it hard to get more than 2 inductees.

So you tell me - who gets your four votes for Hockey Hall of Fame enshrinement here in 2011?


Naash said...

My picks would be:

1. Doug Gilmour. He just deserves to be there.
2. Sergei Makarov - for his international career.
3. Pavel Bure. Truly the best player eligble.
4. Eddie Belfour. In my opinion one of the best goalies of all time.

Oates (though I never liked him that much) and Barrasso could also be candidates and maybe Fleury but the rest of the bunch is just not good enough. Although I love Carbonneau and Nieuwendyk for being winners.

Doug said...

Until Paul Henderson is inducted - No one else should be considered. Sorry, but I've heard all the arguments pro and con. The Summit series is still the defining moment in Canadian hockey history, and three game winners including the one in game 8 has fixed Paul's place in history. It's time for the HHOF to put their politics aside and recognize him.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Eh, Henderson had a really good stretch of 8 games. I don't think that qualifies him for the hall over, say, Adam Oates.

Anonymous said...

Henderson doesn't have the career numbers, he played well in one very high profile series but HHoF? I don't see it. Mind you out of the guys listed here I would sooner see him in than someone like Sean Burke. For my 4 I would vote for Makarov, Gilmour, Bure and Richter. I can see Mogilny as well due to his being the first high profile Russian to come over in his prime even though he was a streaky/inconsistent SOB. Ooops I mean "enigmatic".

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