May 05, 2011

Pucks On The 'Net: Caps Bolt From Playoffs

Wow. So much for my prediction of Washington winning against Tampa, complete with talk about a quick series. I was half right - it was quick. But it was Lightning who swept the Capitals out of the second round of the playoffs.

  • Caps fans should be very concerned about the disappointing play of Nicklas Backstrom and Alex Semin. They have an awful lot of money locked up in those two contracts.
  • Alexander Ovechkin had a disappointing regular season, but by most accounts was quite strong in the post-season, and should not be as criticized as others for the Caps' continued failures. That being said, it was not that long ago when many hockey experts were ready to crown OV as the greatest left winger of all time, even ahead of Bobby Hull and Ted Lindsay. Funny how that lofty status has been rightfully downgraded since the 2010 Olympics. Ovechkin is good, no doubt, but this just goes to show how important it is to wait until careers are over before anointing someone as the greatest this or that.
  • Speaking of that, Ed Willes of the Vancouver Province had a fair article criticizing the Sedin Twins. He's right in that the brothers have had back-to-back Hall of Fame seasons, but without a strong playoff reputation they ultimately might not achieve such a lofty legacy.
  • San Jose has a 3-0 series lead on Detroit. I do not think that is a true reflection of the play on the ice, as Detroit should have at least one win. Antti Niemi has been really strong. Maybe now he will finally get his recognition as one of the top goalies in the league right now.
  • Boston is up 3-0 on Philadelphia. People will bring up last year's collapse to the Flyers in the exact same situation, but there is no chance Philly is coming back this year. 
  • When will the Flyers finally go after a legitimate top goaltender? The only UFA options this summer might be Ilya Bryzgalov and Tomas Vokoun, but is that the answer, especially since they likely will have salary cap concerns? Or will the Flyers be leading the charge for the Cory Schneider summer sweepstakes?
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Anonymous said...

Listen up. The only real way to save the Coyotes at this point is with this:

"The Green Bay Packers Board of Directors is the organization that serves as the owner of record for the Green Bay Packers football club. The Packers have been a publicly owned, non-profit corporation since August 18, 1923."

That's right, a board of directors type of ownership where anybody, anywhere who wants the Coyotes to stay in Glendale can purchase a stake into the team. Best of all, the taxpayers of Glendale (especially the ones who don't support the team) don't have to fork over a single penny if they don't want to. Remember, if the taxpayers are not paying for it, then Goldwater backs off.

I know that the NHL board of governors are not crazy about a Green Bay Packers type of ownership, but if they (and the Glendale city council) really want the Coyotes to stay, then they have no choice but to make an exception to the Coyotes and allow them to have a board of directors type of ownership.

So for those of you who want the Coyotes to stay, spread the word. Get this message posted to as many places as possible while there's still time and if you can get this message to Gary Bettman and the B.O.G., that's even better. With everybody's help, the Coyotes will be saved! So spread the word right now or watch the Coyotes relocate to Winnipeg or Kansas City instead.