May 22, 2017

Hockey History In Nashville

This is Florent Pilote, a star player with the Nashville Dixie Flyers in the 1960s, winning Walker Cup championships in Nashville in 1966 and 1967.

Somebody should track down "Pete," who would be 81 today. He is the brother of Hockey Hall of Famer Pierre Pilote. Pete was a thunderous bodychecking defenseman in his day. Though he was very popular in Nashville he never got a look in the NHL.

Yes, they played hockey in Tennessee dating back that far. Here's a look at the professional teams to have played in Nashville before the NHL Predators arrived.
  • Dixie Flyers (1962-71) EHL
  • Southern Stars (1981-83) CPHL/ACHL
  • Knights (1989-96) ECHL
  • Knighthawks/Ice Flyers (1996-98) CHL
By the way, hockey has also long been played in Tennessee's other major city, Memphis. Here's a cover image of a Memphis South Stars program:

More hockey history was made in Nashville on Monday night as the Predators eliminated the villainous Anaheim Ducks and advanced to the Stanley Cup final for the first time.

It's hard not to like the Predators, who play an exciting style (who says a 1-3-1 defensive set up can't be fun to watch) and are backed the noisiest fans in the league. You gotta love this Section 303 cheering movement they've started.

We will find out shortly who the Predators will play next. Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins are on the verge of eliminating the Ottawa Senators.

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