March 27, 2011

Squee Allen

Bayfield, New Brunswick's Viv Allen only played in 6 NHL contests, all for the New York Americans during the 1940-41 season. An eye injury scared away NHL teams. As a result Viv is best known as a minor leaguer for 11 seasons in a wide variety of teams and leagues. He is also the younger brother of George Allen, a 8 year veteran with 3 NHL teams.

The most interesting story about Viv Allen is his name and his nickname. Best known as Squee to even his wife, Allen's original nickname was Squeaky (often shortened to Squeak) because he had a very high pitched voice. However when he and George moved to North Battleford Saskatchewan to play junior hockey, Squeaky became known as Squee. Squee was originally the nickname of a well known amateur skater in the area, and it became a natural for the fans to shorten "Squeak" to "Squee."

When you are a hockey player named Viv, it is probably best to have a nickname that sticks as well as Squee Allen's. Squee once asked his mother why she named him Viv, and she said it was a biblical name. Squee read the bible from cover to cover twice but couldn't find any mention of a Viv. Allen's mother then told him "Well, it was the only way I could get you to read it!"

Allen was a miniature right winger standing just 5'6" and weighing 140lbs. He collected just 1 assist in his 6 games with the Americans. With the exception of the 1941-42 season he struggled in the minor leagues until 1945 when he joined the Dallas Texans of the lowly USHL. Allen enjoyed 5 productive seasons in Texas before returning to Saskatchewan.

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