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March 23, 2011

Pete Laframboise Passes Away

This is Pete Laframboise. Check out those, umm...colorful California Golden Seals sweaters.

Laframboise spent a couple of seasons in Oakland, remembered best  for a 4 goal outburst in an 11-3 whitewashing of the Vancouver Canucks on January 3rd, 1973. He was described as a talented player who did not apply himself often enough. A likeable teammate known for his constant joking around, he was known to enjoy himself a bit too much off the ice, undoubtedly affecting his play on more than a few nights.

As a result he bounced around the league after leaving Oakland. He briefly appeared in Washington, Pittsburgh and, in the WHA, Edmonton.

In 227 NHL games Pete Laframboise scored 33 goals, 55 assists and 88 points.

Sadly, Pete Laframboise passed away a few days ago. Here is his obituary.

1 comment:

rockfish said...

I remember that card -- and that year's design ranks among the most underappreciated among collectors, IMHO. But why the . in 'Peter'? -- that's always bugged me.
thanks for keeping us up to date on the goings on in hockey!

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