March 12, 2011

International Hockey Memorabilia

The international hockey collection is always my favorite section at every offering. The current auction does not disappoint. Here's the highlights:
  • Vladislav Tretiak's 1973 world championships game worn mask - Hey, I know it doesn't look like much compared to today's fancy art pieces, but this is cool. My birthday is in August.
  • Tretiak's 1981 Canada Cup 25th anniversary trophy - As co-author of the book The World Cup of Hockey (which I still argue should have been named The History of the Canada Cup #damnpublishers) I would absolutely love to have this on my mantelpiece. I'm moving my birthday up to April. Call me for my mailing address.
  • A lot of people collect game worn jerseys, but how many can boast a 1960s Anatoli Tarasov sweater in their collection.
  • Probably even fewer people have a game worn 1970s KooKoo Kouvala sweater worn by a mystery player named Lemminkainen.
  • I'm shocked! There are no bids yet on the chance to get into Alexander Ovechkin's pants.
  • There are 27 items in the Team Canada 2010 Olympics game worn collection. I need more birthdays this year. 
Be sure to check out for some amazing items up for auction. The sale ends on March 29th, 2011.

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