March 31, 2011

Gordie Howe's Scariest Moment

Here's a pretty rare photo: Gordie Howe wearing a helmet.

So why is Gordie wearing a helmet. Here's why:

I just love this photo. It shows Gordie Howe answering fan mail in the hospital. He is there with a fractured skull, courtesy of the famous and controversial collision with Toronto's Teeder Kennedy. Howe's career was almost over before it began. 

But Howe came back, and became the greatest player not only of his day, but perhaps of all time. I think that is why I like the photo so much. Hockey players put their bodies through the most amazing physicality and abuse, but they always come back. No other photo captures that quite like this one.

Here is another amazing though less famous photo of Howe's plight:

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Phreak said...

You would think that an incident like this would give birth, not long after, to the concept of wearing protective headgear to help prevent head injuries, and not only to help sustain them.
Shows how times were very different then...