March 31, 2011

Alex Delvecchio on Gordie Howe

"Playing with Gordie attributed a heck of a lot to my hockey career. He was always very helpful, coming up with pointers and what you're doing, maybe a little bit wrong. He was always helpful and that's always critical. He had everything, so I guess you would say he was sharing it with the rest of us to try and make us better.

"I can recall the guys telling me, 'Hey, get the puck to the big guy and he'll deliver the mail.' He was my favorite target on right wing. I always tried to set him up the best I could, because I knew he was going to get a goal or get us an opportunity to get us a goal."

- Alex Delvecchio

Delvecchio played 1351 regular season games with Gordie Howe, and another 121 in the playoffs, making him Gordie's most common teammate.

Delvecchio assisted on 210 of Gordie's goals, and Gordie on 183 of Delvecchio's. Both are bests for each player.

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