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February 27, 2011

Amazing Photos From Rare Vladislav Tretiak Book

Check out this amazing photo of Vladislav Tretiak and his, ummm..., friends:

Forgive the crease, as I scanned it out of a pretty rare book I recently found at Vancouver Public Library.

"Vladislav Tretiak" was originally published in Russia  in 1978 and revised in 1979. It was compiled by V. Snegirev, designed by A. Litvinenko and featured the photography of M. Botashev, A. Bochinin, D. Donskoy, S. Lidov and Yu. Sokolov.

In 1979 the book was translated into English (by a fellow named Christopher English, oddly enough) and released in North America by Progress Publishers.

The photo-intense book is thin at about 50 pages or so, and features Tretiak's life story including many press-scrum-style quotes from him.

Here's a few more photos from the book:

Tretiak and another of his animal friends - Shamu!

Rare photo evidence of a puck that got past the great netminder:

A great shot of Tretiak's face:

And here he is with his son Dmitry:

In the book Tretiak talks about how as a young boy he wanted to be a pilot. Well here's Vladislav with "The Golden Jet," Bobby Hull:

And lastly, we all know the Soviets were known for their innovative physical training techniques, many of which are now commonplace in the NHL nowadays. Here's one exercise drill that never really caught on over here:

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