January 24, 2011

Howie Morenz Memorial Game

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It is the game program from the Howie Morenz benefit game on November 2nd, 1937.

Collecting game programs is an intense passion for some collectors. The more famous the game the more valuable the prize. Few games are as famous as the Morenz game.

The game was played at the Montreal Forum, and pitted a team of NHL All Stars against players of the Montreal Canadiens and Montreal Maroons. The proceeds of the game were given to the family of the late-Howie Morenz, the NHL's first superstar. He had died the previous March due to complications of a broken leg he suffered in his final NHL game.

Only 8683 fans showed up to watch a team of Montreal All Stars (made up of players from the Canadiens and Maroons) fall 6-5 to a team of NHL All Stars. Perhaps the poor attendance was a reflection of the late benefit game, as it came several months after his death. Back in March the Forum was packed for his funeral as he lay in state at center ice.

Including gifts and ticket and program sales, nearly $20,000 was raised for Morenz's widow and his family.

Young Howie Morenz Jr. earned the loudest applause on this night, as the crowd cheered him on during the pre-game warm up as the kid skated with the all stars and took shots on the goalies.

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