December 21, 2014

What's Christmas Without Donald Duck?

There was a great story a few years back from Iain MacIntyre of the Vancouver Sun about various Christmas traditions around the world, using the Vancouver Canucks and their players from seven different countries as the point of reference.

Here's my favorite quote, courtesy of Daniel Sedin:
(Sedin) says at 3 p.m. on every Christmas Eve for as long as he can recall, Swedish television has shown a Donald Duck cartoon special, and every child in the country watches. Seriously.

Not Rudolph. Not Frosty. The Donald.

“I’ve got that on DVD right now, in Swedish,” Daniel says. “To be honest, I don’t know why it’s Donald Duck, but it’s pretty good. I’m serious. Ask Hank. Then after Donald Duck, Santa Claus comes and we open presents.”
I love Donald Duck's Christmas cartoons too, but is he really on the same level as Santa come Christmas time?

Here's some Donald Duck Christmas videos for our friends in Sweden. God Jul!

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