December 08, 2010

New Hockey Legends Profiled

As much as I have here on the front page posting about great stories of hockey's past and historical tie-ins with current events, the heart of this website is definitely the archive of about 1400 biographies of former NHL players.

Now that hockey book season is winding down, I'm getting back to writing profiles. No rhyme or reason, here are my most recent and eclectic additions to the archives:
  • Bill Brydge - Hard hitting defender teamed with Red Dutton to give the NY Americans steady defending in the 1930s.
  • Stanislav Petukhov - 1950s and 1960s star with Moscow Dynamo would be a perfect fit for the Sedin twins nowadays.
  • Alex Kaleta - Could Killer Kaleta really be behind the origins of the term hat trick? Yes or no, be careful you don't anger his wife, as Wild Bill Eznicki found out one night!
I hope to be adding more and more biographies over the rest of the hockey season. 

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