November 09, 2010

Tuesday Top Tens: Things You Didn't Know About Slap Shot

It is a cult classic, the top hockey movie of all time. Many fans can recite famous lines in their sleep. And everyone knows of the Hanson Brothers and old time hockey, like Eddie Shore!

Of course I am referring to the 1978 Paul Newman movie Slap Shot. But how well do you really know the iconic film?

Here's the top things you did not know about the movie Slap Shot, as chosen by Jonathan Jackson, author of The Making of Slap Shot - Buy the book - - Chapters - - Read the full review

* Al Pacino wanted the role of Reggie Dunlop and could have had it if he had played his cards right.
* Peter Strauss was considered to play Ned Braden but broke his leg during his audition.

* Henry Winkler, aka The Fonz, was almost cast as one of the Hanson Brothers.
* Allan Nicholls, who played Chiefs captain Johnny Upton, is the grandson of a Hockey Hall of Fame
netminder Riley Hern.

* The character Nick Brophy was originally to have been named Nick Fotiu, after the future New York Ranger whose pro hockey career began in the North American Hockey League, on which Slap Shot's Federal League was based.

* Paul D'Amato also considers himself a pacifist who needed coaching and some unwitting inspiration from Bobby Schmautz of the Boston Bruins in order to play a convincing goon.

* The character Tim McCracken was inspired by real life veteran tough guy Ted McCaskill, the father of baseball pitcher Kirk McCaskill.

* It's well known that Washington Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau was an extra in Slap Shot, but so was future NHL referee Paul Stewart.
* The late Brad Sullivan, who played the lecherous Mo Wanchuk, was a born-again Christian who was uncomfortable with the character he immortalized.

 * When the Carlson brothers first arrived in Johnstown, Pa., to begin their career with the Jets, they really did attack a pop machine.

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Leo Durham said...

Can Fonzie skate?

Jonathon Jackson said...

Sadly, I wasn't able to determine if The Fonz can skate (I couldn't get an interview with him, although I tried). He can jump garbage cans and sharks on a motorcycle, though, so who knows? :D

Sean Duffy said...

I grew up in Norwalk Connecticut and was given my first helmet by Leo Skidd, whom I was told taught Paul Newman how to skate for the movie.