May 11, 2014

Mario Lemieux's Crazy Hockey Mom

Hockey is very much about family. There are many great stories throughout hockey history of fathers and sons enjoying the game, and bonding together.

Equally as important and not to be overlooked are the hockey moms. Of course, that reminds me of my favorite hockey mom story. It's about Mario Lemieux's mother, Pierrette, pictured below.

Mario Lemieux biographer Lawrence Martin best tells the story in his 1993 unauthorized biography, Mario.  He describes Pierrette as "a loud and brassy dynamo, a bowling ball crashing through the pins. Pierrette' s voice thundered through the arena, urging her boy on while harpooning every opponent with vociferous, unholy vigor."

Martin makes Mario's mom sound like a bit of a crazy lady. Then again, this next story of her dedication to her son's hockey career confirms her questionable sanity status.

"According to local lore, when the snow got too deep to play hockey outside, Madame Lemieux transported shovels of snow into the house. She threw the snow on the carpet and pounded it down to a smooth surface that glistened like ice. With the heat in the house turned off and the doors opened to let the cold blow in, she had her boys, just past toddler age then, practice hockey on the rug."

After he turned pro and became famous, Mario admitted he actually learned to skate in his living room. His mom added, "They really did quite a job on my rug. But it was good for strengthening their ankles."

Maybe the ladies at Hockey Mom In Canada can incorporate the living room rink into their sons' and daughters' budding hockey careers.

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