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November 05, 2010

Dino Ciccarelli: Hall of Fame Garbage Man

Dino Ciccarelli was hockey's version of a sanitation engineer. He scored over 600 NHL goals, seemingly all of them by parking himself in front of the net and banging away at rebounds and loose pucks. Meet Dino Ciccarelli - garbage man.

"It's just a matter of getting the puck on the net and getting traffic in front of the goalies. I don't know why more teams don't do it. I still believe 90% of the goals scored are ugly goals, 10% are pretty goals. You won't find many of mine on the highlight films," explained Ciccarelli.

While scoring more than 600 garbage goals landed him in the Hockey Hall of Fame, there was a time when it didn't look like any NHL team was willing to take a chance on the high scoring junior star. A badly broken leg in his second year of junior resulted in doctors telling Ciccarelli he'd never be able to play hockey again.

Read the full Hall of Fame story of Dino Ciccarelli's career.

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