September 28, 2010

The Henderson Jersey Tour

Almost any Canadian who is old enough can tell you exactly what he or she was doing on September 28, 1972, when Paul Henderson scored the 6-5 goal at 19:26 of the final period. For a moment, our world stood still, and then as the red light flickered behind Vladislav Tretiak, our hearts filled with joy, and relief.

"Here's a shot. Henderson makes a wild stab for it and falls," Foster Hewitt breathlessly described. "Here's another shot. Right in front. They Score!! Henderson has scored for Canada!"

As Foster Hewitt's ghostly words described "the goal heard around the world" millions of Canadians danced and hugged in a scene that was reminiscent of the celebrations at the end of World War II. Never has a single sporting moment meant so much to so many Canadians a sense of unparalleled nationalism.

Earlier in 2010 the jersey that Henderson wore that night sold for over $1 million. Starting in January 2011, the jersey will touring all across Canada for every Canadian to see.

Now we can all relive the spirit and excitement and national pride of the 1972 Summit Series with the Paul Henderson Jersey Homecoming Tour.

The tour includes
- Paul Henderson’s 1972 Summit Series Jersey
- Rare Canadian hockey memorabilia
- Interactive activities, games and fun for all ages

In addition, there is a contest at Henderson Jersey and/or 
to see which city will be the first to host the Henderson jersey. Simply explain why your town should be the first to host the jersey tour and you could win an exclusive private tour for you and 4 friends with the great Paul Henderson himself.

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