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August 18, 2010

Ovechkin vs. Kharlamov

One question I would be curious to explore is how highly regarded is Alexander Ovechkin in terms of Russian hockey history?

Obviously he's still got a long ways to go in his career. But I think a strong case can be built to proclaim him as the best Russian player in NHL history.

So how does that rank him amongst the all time Russian greats, many of whom never got to play in the NHL or if they did it was well past their prime?

In particular, how do Russian hockey experts compare him to Valeri Kharlamov, who is considered by many to be the greatest Russian player of all time?

It is a question I am putting out to the public as I begin my search for an answer.

1 comment:

Dennis said...

That's a good question, Joe. Kharlamov and Ovechkin. Both so dangerous. But Ovechkin's more of a bull in a china shop while Kharlamov was sensational turning defensemen inside out. I go with Kharlamov because he was more of a brilliant puck handler and more complicated to figure out.

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