June 23, 2010

Kevin Krook

The life of a professional hockey player is not for everyone. Especially if the definition of pro means the low minor leagues.

Kevin Krook found that out. He was an average-sized defenseman with a definite penchant for the physical side of the game. As a junior player he bounced around the WHL a bit, playing with New Westminster, Calgary and Regina. He even got drafted by the NHL's Colorado Rockies in 1978, 142nd overall.

Krook signed a three game tryout contract with the Rockies in November 1978. Aside from a single minor penalty, he never made the scoresheet. He was assigned to Muskegon where he would apprentice for the remainder of the season.

Life on the busses in the minor leagues must have opened Krook's eyes. He would quit professional hockey and return hom to Cold Lake, Alberta, famous for being a Canadian Armed Forces base.

He would rediscover his love for the game of hockey in a purer form. He may have worked with Greyhound before becoming an administrator at the local sports center including the hockey rink. He also got into many levels of coaching.


Anonymous said...

well thats my uncle for ya and can i say every summer he pushes me to that limit and says how bad do you want it and now im playing in the bchl thank you uncle kevin for all the support i love ya lots..... so i guess you are a legend hah hopfully one day i get to be one just like you as deep as it was hah

Graham Clayton said...

Krook should be given credit for realising that slogging it out in the minor leagues with virtually no chance of being called back up to the NHL was not for him, and instead of just taking up a roster position, he retired and decided to move into a career that he enjoyed.