June 02, 2010

Canadian Tire Wants Henderson Jersey

Michael Badad of the Globe and Mail says department store giant Canadian Tire is about to make a big opening bid for Paul Henderson's 1972 Summit Series jersey:
"Canadian Tire Corp. says it plans to bid $200,000 tomorrow for Paul Henderson's jersey from the famous 1972 Canada-USSR series. The retailer said late today it will put its opening bid in with the auction house tomorrow."
If their bid is successful, the jersey will go on tour in every corner of the country, visiting each of the 480 Canadian Tire stores in the country, giving the Canadian public a chance to see the jersey. Then Canadian Tire would lend the jersey to "sports and hockey museums including the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame and the Hockey Hall of Fame for the benefit of all Canadians."

I love this idea, but I'm not sure if the current owner will accept Canadian Tire money.

Update: I'm not sure if this includes Canadian Tire's opening bid or not, but as of late Wednesday night "THE jersey" is already listed at over $211,000!

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Wayne Frazer said...

Joe, I had the same idea CT's now touting a few years ago regarding the Bonds record-breaking home run ball, and then again when I heard Pat Stapleton finally admitted he had the Summit Series goal puck.


Maybe they read my blog. I hope I get a hammer out of it or something.