May 01, 2010

Lemaire In The Hall Of Fame Twice?

Last week Eric Duhatschek made an interesting suggestion that Jacques Lemaire, already inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame as a player, should also be inducted into the Hall of Fame as a builder:
Up until now, no one has ever gone into the Hockey Hall of Fame as both a player and a builder. Could Jacques Lemaire, who retired Monday after 27 on-again, off-again seasons as an NHL coach, be the first? 
There is a whole generation or two of fans who know Lemaire only as the influential and highly successful coach. Before that he was one of the game's greatest players. He's essentially led two Hall of Fame lives in hockey.

What makes this a little more pertinent is Mr. Duhatschek is a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame Selection Committee. He sits in on every meeting and, given his standing in the hockey community, his voice will be heard. No doubt he will raise the double induction as a possibility.

I have no problem with any of this, but there are a few other candidates who also deserve double induction, too. With Lester Patrick being the most obvious, the list should also include Eddie Shore, Art Ross, King Clancy, Dick Irvin, Toe Blake, and Ted Lindsay. Debate could rage on about a number of other Hall of Fame players-turned-builders, too.

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Anonymous said...

It's hard to argue this. He deserves it. Put him in under both categories.