April 06, 2010

How Do You Say That?

This is Yvan Cournoyer. Or, as Foster Hewitt called him, Ivan Corn-oy-err. Foster Hewitt may have been the dean of hockey broadcasting, but he routinely butchered Cournoyer's name. Hey, Don Cherry butcher's everybody's name!

I don't know how Yvan felt about it, but for us fans it almost became an endearing thing.

Here's a look at some of hockey's craziest names:

Enio Sclisizzi - Enio James Sclisizzi's name was never easy to pronounce. Most of his friends and teammates called him Jim or Sils. Famed play by play broadcaster Foster Hewitt, famous for butchering a few names in his career, gave up and called him "Jim Enio"

Steve Wojciechowski - Many people grew up believing Steve Wojciechowski's real name was Steve Wochy. It was just easier to say that than his real name.

Zinetula Bilyaletdinov - Foster Hewitt may have butchered Yvan Cournoyer's name, but somehow he called the 1972 Summit Series and never stumbled over Zinetula Bilyaltedinov's name. It's actually not as hard as it looks, and once you get it down, it's fun to say.

Kryzstof Oliwa - The Polish Punisher's first name is the envy of every Scrabble player in the world.

Stanislav Neckar - His name may look simple enough, but somehow Neckar is pronounced Nets-Cash.

Shaone Morrisonn - Simple enough name, stupid spelling. Parents who spell their kids names weird like that are prime examples of why there should be a license system for breeding.

Zarley Zalapski - It's easy to say, but when discussing hockey names, ZZ tops them all!


Martin ITFOR said...

Radek Dvorak should be pronounced Dvor-Jak

Nicklas Backstrom should be pronounced Beck-strom

The guy describing the habs games in French is dangerously metyculous about european spelling and stuff...

Joe Pelletier said...

Pekka Rautakallio would have been another good one. Pronounced as you might expect, but just a great name. You can always count on Finland for great names.

Martin ITFOR said...

Well, as the "eu" sound doesn't exist in english, Mario And Claude Lemieux alwasys was a disaster to hear for me...

HockeyChump said...

Verrrrrrry funny post :-) it's what makes this sport so, well, great! you simply won't find a more unique, more GLOBAL group of diverse names in any of the majors today. nice research!