March 06, 2010

Hawthorn On Hockey

I wanted to point out one of my favorite hockey websites. Because it is not completely dedicated to hockey most people don't know about it. But hockey fans, especially those interested in hockey history and the lives of former players (in other words readers of this site is an absolute must-bookmark.

The website is simply titled Tom Hawthorn's Blog. Tom Hawthorn is a freelance writer from Victoria, perhaps best known for his twice-weekly columns in the Globe and Mail. He writes about everything from British Columbia special interest stories to hockey history.

His personal blog highlights his collection of work, regardless of topic. But it is completely worth wading through to find the hockey content, because Hawthorn is just a wonderful writer.

Hawthorn has written numerous obituaries of hockey heroes who have passed on. Be it Bad News Bilodeau or the "Great Gabbo" Eddie Dorohoy or Olympic hero Al Purvis, Hawthorn has a way of honoring lesser known hockey heroes with the most fascinating of features. I am completely envious.

Also you have to check out his feature pieces on such topics as the Penticton Vees, the 1960s Canadian national team, and Ladies Night In Canada.

Chances are you will enjoy much of what Hawthorn chooses to explore, even if it is not hockey. His recent pieces on the late Jack Babcock and British Columbia's favorite bookstore are spectacular.

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