February 04, 2010

Friday Slap Shots

Time to put the puck on 'Net:
  • Interesting article here about Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's dreams of playing in the National Hockey League, complete with a youth photo.
  • We are no closer to knowing who will be Canada's starting goalie at the Olympics. Now Martin Brodeur's and Roberto Luongo's fathers are debating the issue.
  • Chris Mizzoni has some interesting numbers that put Dion Phaneuf in a favorable light.
  • The Devils went down to Georgia and picked up Ilya Kovalchuk for the playoff run. I like it. They gave away some decent support players, but they won't be missed. In exchange they landed a game breaker, even if he is a rental. The Devils are strong, the East is weak, and Martin Brodeur is not getting any younger. It makes sense for a big push by the Devils.
  • Could these blockbuster trades spark a flood of trades before the Olympics and then before the deadline? I don't know, but I'll be glued to Twitter to follow all the action this year.

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