November 06, 2009

Luck Had Nothing To Do With It

As Luc Robitaille is rightfully welcomed to the Hockey Hall of Fame this weekend, there will be lots of stories about goal scoring, his affable nature and his nickname - Lucky Luc.

But Robitaille is not getting enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame because he was lucky. It is because he worked hard, and never gave up on his dreams.

How else can you explain how a 171st overall draft pick who could not skate very well became a Stanley Cup champion, World Championships gold medal hero and the highest scoring left winger in NHL history?

"There’s no secret to it, I just worked really hard," he offers.

A positive attitude and a rare goal scorer's instinct certainly helps, but Robitaille rarely gets credit for his unmatched work ethic.

Robitaille has not stopped working in retirement. He is not spending his days golfing or fishing. He's not even in a "normal" hockey job for former players - coaching or scouting. He oversees all day-to-day business operations for the Los Angeles Kings, including ticket sales and service, global partnerships, marketing and promotions, fan development and community relations, group sales, finance, broadcasting, communications, the Kings' Web site and human resources.

"If it's something you have a passion for, you don't really count the hours, but certainly my day starts early and I'll finish late on some nights," he says.

He used to say the same thing about playing the game.

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