June 08, 2012

Top Ten Don Cherry Quotes

Often controversial, always entertaining. Here are my top ten quotes from Don Cherry:

1. On Edmonton Oilers defenseman Randy Gregg, who also happened to be a doctor, missing a wide open net:
"How would you like that guy operating on you with those hands?"
2. On Ron MacLean's puns:

"A million comedians starving to death and you're trying to be one."
3. On being pulled over by a motorcycle policeman:
"He was wearing a visor. I thought he was Russian."
4. On the Boston Bruins:

"I love them so much I still wear their shorts."
5. On who should have been the game's three stars in a particularly bad game:
"No. 1 - the Zamboni driver. No. 2 - an usher. No 3. - a guy selling popcorn."
6. On his love for his dog Blue:

"I'm the only guy in the world who turned down $15,000 because his dog wouldn't fly."
7. On lessons learned in life:

"Never forget a friend. And never forget an enemy."
8. On his love of clothes:

"Even then (in the early days), I had the best suits and best shirts. I always looked sharp. The kids didn't have shoes, but I always looked good."
9. On the Canadian Football League:
"The best thing about this game, there's no Russians or Swedes playing."
10. On his real thoughts about immigrants to Canada:
"When I come into an airport at 2am, guess who takes my ticket? They work hard, and they're alright in my book."


Darren said...

Although I enjoyed Cherry as a kid, I've begun to really dislike him. His rants rarely have a point these days, and though he's thankfully toned down his racism from years past, it still sweeps in from time to time.

Also dislike his infatuation with the military and constant promoting of it when there are so many kids watching.

Ron McLean, however, is great, and the only thing that makes Coach's Corner somewhat watchable.

Great list, though, Joe.

Eric J. Burton said...

Let me get this straight if he doesn't like euro's he is a racist. Sounds more like a Xenophobia and not racism.

Anonymous said...

Don always has an opinion, like it or not. At least he isn't the pandering sap that McLean is.

Darren said...

Good point, Goon. I always use the term racist rather than xenophobic, despite their very different meanings.

vdkhanna said...

Regarding the personal insult about Randy Gregg being a maladroit doctor, Cherry later confessed that this was the biggest on-air regret he ever had, and that his own mother gave him hell over it.

Anonymous said...

I think Don Cherry is a great hockey announcer and a very sharp dresser. If you take everything he says without a grain of salt, you are very narrow minded. But one thing you have to remember is love or hate him if you comment you are listening. Jimmy the Greek said a long time ago that African Americans are better at sports because they have a longer and stronger achilles tendon from all those years of picking cotton. He was fired for telling the truth and when people don't like what they hear from announcers they call them racist or they have a phobia. Lighten up people and let them rant it is humor.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that Don Cherry hasn't had a comment about the fact the Canadian Flag is being flown wrong side up when they hoist the flag to the rafters when the Canadians win at the IIHF World Junior hockey game
Can't we afford to have a proper banner or flag to fly when these young people win for their Country?

David said...

You want a reaction? Good or bad. Let Don say something! There's nothing wrong with his love for his Country or the Military! Well done I say. I could listen to the guy all night. He has a humour the politically correct brigade don't get and he knows more about Hockey than any of us have forgot. God Bless Don Cherry

Anonymous said...

About the upside-down flag at the IIHF World Junior Hockey game: It makes feel less bad about those dumbass rednecks from Atlanta who carried the Canadian flag upside down at the 1992 World Series. If it happened in the IIHF tournament and it did on Parliament Hill in Ottawa (July 8, 2011, done by a Canadian Government employee), then maybe I shouldn'y be do hard on those Georgia boys.
(I live in Montana. We all know what our northern neighbors' flag looks like. We wouldn't fly the Alberta flag wrong either.)

Rob said...

"Also dislike his infatuation with the military and constant promoting of it when there are so many kids watching."

You're going to have to explain that one Darren.I'm confused as to how this is bad for kids.

Anonymous said...

He doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. Too many snowflakes who get offended at the drop of a hat. Grow up

Anonymous said...

I have Swedish ancestry and I find Cherry sometimes goofy. So, what if I'm offended? I have my 'Big Boy' underwear on eh.

ALSO - It says here we all should be grateful to the good guys who defend us from the bad guys. That means thankful to our military.