October 29, 2009

Too Much Hockey On TV?

There is too much hockey on television nowadays.

Now I know the only people who will agree with me are my girlfriend and especially her three kids, but hear me out.

When I was growing up, the Canucks would be on TV maybe a couple of times a month. Or sometimes not at all. The Oilers and Leafs dominated Hockey Night in Canada back then, and the Canadiens were always available on the French channel. When the Canucks were actually on TV, it was a truly special event for me. I would anticipate the puck drop all week long.

Nowadays 70 out of the Canucks 82 games are televised on CBC, TSN or SportsNet. That is a lot of hockey, especially considering I make it a rule to watch every NHL team play in the regular season twice, including at least one game not against the Canucks. I would guess I watch 150 complete games in the regular season, plus games every night during the playoffs, Olympics and World Juniors. That would put me around 250!

With 70 Canucks games to watch I can analyze them so closely that there is rarely any excitement or anticipation before any game anymore, in the regular season at least.

The other 12 games, including tonight's showdown with the Los Angeles Kings, are available only on pay-per-view.

I for one will not be watching.

It will be nice to have a respite from my team. I will tune into the highlights at the end of the night and find out how they did, just like in the olden days when I convinced my mom to stay up late to watch the late night sportscast. Maybe, just maybe, by missing one game I will look that much more forward to their next game.

Besides, it couldn't hurt to take the night off from the Canucks. Maybe I'll play Wii with the kids, or watch a movie. Or TSN has a double header. Maybe I'll watch that instead.


dan dan dan said...

As a Blackhawks fan, I welcome the fact that all of our games are on tv now. We spent so many years without it, so it's nice to be able keep up on exactly what is going on with the team. We had really been missing out here. In addition, I think that it's good for the sport as there is so much competition, here in the States (obviously I can't speak for Canada). Though I can sure tell you that it's nice to see people getting excited about watching hockey again, despite some of the annoyances that come along with popularity and people being new to the sport, etc.

Anonymous said...

this is the dumbest article i have ever read...everyone who has read the article is now dumber... how you have a blog worthy of reading about hockey is beyond me

ЯВ said...

yep, that's a dumb article... why did Puck Daddy link to this? they're usually more selective...

Pete said...

Too much hockey on TV? That's like saying there's too much electricity in California! Sure, there's enough to satiate some people, but for those of us who live in America - especially those of us who don't live in the local market for our teams (I'm a Blackhawks fan living in Dutchess County, NY) - there isn't anywhere near enough hockey on television!. Sure, you can probably catch all the games of whatever team is in your local market, but try to watch any other team and you'll find that there are only 2, maybe 3 games broadcast nationally on VS. (and occasionally NBC) each week. Compare that to the amount of basketball, football, and baseball broadcast nationally and it's a joke! Seriously, one of the dumbest blog posts I've ever had the misfortune of reading

The Girlfriend said...

Wow! some pretty negative comments. Apparently the readers didnt read your whole article, nor did they understand what the point of your acticle was. There is at least one game on every night, whereas before a game might be on once a week. As for not enjoying watching a hockey game every night, have to admit, would rather watch hockey then listen to or watch some of the shows the girls watch (Gossip Girl, The Hills, etc), hockey saves me from those idiotic shows!

Julia said...

Yes, you're right, probably only your girlfriend and her daughters agree with you.

I actually don't understand why you blame it on the games being broadcast, rather than the season being so long or there being so many teams in this league. What if you purportedly missed one Canucks' game out of 5, maybe leaving the telly off? Why is that out of the question?

Yeah, this article is kind of weird. I wouldn't call it dumb but I'm not sure I get your point here.

Anonymous said...

i know this is about a year old post but here in michigan we don't get enough hockey on tv. hockey night in canada used to be on local cable now you have to order a special network to get that, in fact, ever since satellite companies started the nhl, nfl, mlb, and nba ticket programs where you can access any game anytime, no local networks spend money on getting their hometown games. the less hockey is aired, the more likely we'll have another strike or the chance of a league losing revenue.