October 17, 2009

Charles Pletsch

Charles Pletsch, if that's his real name, is a confusing story in hockey's history.

Up until the publication of Total Hockey, official hockey records had a mysterious player named simply Flesch - no first name. This Flesch fellow was given credit for appearing in one game for the Hamilton Tigers in the 1920-21 season.

When Total Hockey came out, researchers determined that Flesch's named had been mispelled either on the official game sheet or perhaps in the newspaper boxscores, I'm not sure which. However Total Hockey determined No-Name Flesch's actually identity was actually that of Charles Pletsch.

So who is Charles Pletsch? Well Total Hockey seems to have reason to believe that the Chesley, Ontario native played for the Markdale Seniors in some senior league in 1920-21, although no statistics are available. He signed a free agent contract with the Hamilton Tigers on December 31, 1920. Presumably the Tigers signed him to fill in for one game due to injuries or illness.

Like the rest of the details of Charles Pletsch's career, no one seems to really know!

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