September 19, 2009

Saturday Slap Shots

Here's some random thoughts about the world of hockey in the past week:
  • So in less than an hour Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and US President Barack Obama are able to resolve the charter flight problem that essentially only affected the six Canadian hockey teams. Yet we can't solve issues such as Afghanistan, trade, energy or the environment.

    Point being: Always tie every issue to the NHL, and things will get done real quick.

  • The whole Paul Kelly firing by the NHLPA still confuses me. I suspect the hard liners who ousted him did not like the fact that he was on friendly terms with Gary Bettman and the NHL. In fact, I think Paul Kelly would have been great for hockey and for the fans. But the hard liners are only interested in money and power.

    The question now becomes - who in their right mind would take the job? Buzz Hargrove? Ian Penny? Eric Lindros? Andrew Ference? No one outside of the hard liners group would want to enter into a job where these hard liners call the shots or else. Unless they're hoping Bob Goodenow will come back.

    Now that would be bad for hockey.

  • Maple Leaf Gardens may see hockey yet again.

    There are discussions going on between Ryerson University and current MLG owners Loblaws about a joint re-opening of the Gardens. The Ryerson Rams would play hockey at the Gardens, with Loblaws opening their grocery store on the second floor.

    Careful when dumping the puck into the zone. You may hit upset the fresh fruits display.

  • I hate all these pre-season games. They are nothing more than money grabbing, AHL contests. Why don't they just start the season, spreading out all those regular season games some, especially in an Olympic year, to give the guys a bit more rest in the season and therefore a better product? Or at the very least, why not start the season now and just 5-10 games to the regular season? They can still have their pockets filled but at least the fans will see a NHL roster of players that may actually be interested in trying.

  • Congratulations goes out to Mark Messier, Mike Richter and Jim Devellano for being named recipients of the 2009 Lester Patrick Trophy for outstanding service to hockey in the United States.

  • This week's three stars: 3) Theo Fleury 2) Gordie Howe, just because 1) Terrace, BC.

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