September 12, 2009

Hockeyville Slap Shots: No Tavares

Just a few random Hockeyville Slap Shots for the evening.
  • Brian Compton's live blog at has been fun to watch. On the Friday he mentioned how the weather was no cooperating. Yes it was raining, but Brian, for Terrace that was not even close to what we call rain!
  • Speaking of the media, here's who I know is coming to town: Gord McIntyre (Vancouver Province), Perry Solkowski (CTV), Elliot Pap (Vancouver Sun), Kristin Reid and Derek Jory (, as well as a boatload of CBC people, both on the radio and tv side. I assume John Shorthouse and Tom Larscheid will be here to call the game for Team 1040/Sportsnet, with NHL Network likely to pick up that feed as well.
  • Katie Strang of Newsday tells me it appears that John Tavares WILL NOT be in Terrace. So much for those ad campaigns selling Luongo vs Tavares in his first game as an Islander.
UPDATE: Brian Compton had a chance to interview Ken Morrow, who arrived early for Hockeyville. The Olympic gold medalist and 4 time Stanley Cup champion is happy to be in Hockeyville.


Anonymous said...

No Tavares. Why am I not surprised.

Sean Z

Eric Hornick said...

Shorthouse and John Garrett will call the telecast, which will be seen on Rogers Sportsnet in Canada and on the NHL Network in the US.

Rick Ball will have the Canucks' radio broadcast.