September 11, 2009

Hockey Players From Terrace, BC

I am trying to come up with a list of hockey players either born in or grew up in Terrace, BC, who went on to a significant level of hockey. I define "significant" as NHL, minor pro, junior or college. Maybe someone out there can help me complete the following list:

National Hockey League:
Wade Flaherty
Jeff Sharples
Dale Kushner
Rudy Poeschek
Glen Cochrane (played one season of junior hockey in Terrace)
Bradley Mills

Minor Pro:
Arron Scott (ECHL)
Chad Wilson (ECHL & NCAA)
Jamie Holden (ECHL & NCAA)

Junior Leagues:

Shane Maitland
(WHL) Memorial Cup Champion!
Terry Zaporzan (WHL) Invited to 1985 World Juniors camp
Richard Lindstrom (WHL)
Steve Young (WHL)
Brady Mason (WHL)
Corey Pastershank (aka Corey Paulson) (QJMHL)

Ian Alger (BCJHL)
Rod Philpot (BCJHL)
Frank Biller (BCJHL)
Brad Trudeau (BCJHL)
Dave Brietzke (BCJHL)
Jason Hoffman (BCJHL)
Davey Jones (BCJHL)
Doug Stewart (BCJHL)
David Mann (BCHL)
Sahir Gill (BCHL)
Chapen LeBlond (BCHL)
Tony Hildebrandt (AJHL)
Bryan Hull (SJHL)

Jason Krug (NCAA,  European Pro)
David Kozier (NCAA, European Pro)
Dawson Kelln (CIAU)
Josh Murray (NCAA)

Special thanks goes out to Bob Basanti for helping me make this list.

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Anonymous said...

Craig Levie played Jr B in Terrace and Played in the NHL